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The ASCII text files can be downloaded by right-clicking on the text file link. NOTE: Due to their columnar nature. It is recommended that the ASCII text files be opened in a plain text editor such as MS-DOS editor or Windows WordPad or notepad. Macintosh users are recommended to use Teach Text and Simple Text. Modern day full featured word processors can remove the line breaks and replace the fixed size font with a proportional font. When printed the shortwave schedule lists are 20 pages long. The sort by time file is time.txt and the sort by country file is country.txt.

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DBase zip file: The file creates the file ptswdbas.dbf.

Excel zip file: The file creates the file ptswxcel.xls. Need a freeware program to unzip the files? Try PowerArchiver .

Abbreviations in Database NOTES COLUMN

Notes -- Days of week: Su-Sunday, M-Monday, Tu-Tuesday, W-Wednesday, Th-Thursday, F-Friday, Sa-Saturday, exW-except Wednesday
Target areas: Af-Africa, Am-America, As-Asia, Eu-Europe, LA-Latin America, ME-Middle East, NA-North America, Oc-Oceania/Australia;

Other: alt-alternate frequency, drm-Digital Radio Mondiale, G24-Global 24 via WRMI, occ-occasional use, se-Special English

ae-United Arab Emirates, al-Albania, an-Antigua, ar-Armenia, as-Ascension, au-Austria, bo-Bonaire Neth. Antilles, bt-Botswana, bu-Bulgaria, ca-Sackville Canada, ch-China, cl-Chile, cu-Cuba, cy-Cyprus, fg-French Guiana, fr-France, ga-Gabon, ge-Germany, gr-Greenville USA, hu-Hunagry, ja-Japan, ka-Kazakhstan, ko-South Korea, ku-Kuwait, li-Lithuania, ma-Madagascar, ml-Mali, mo-Moldova, nm-North Mariana Islands, no-Norway, om-Oman, ph-Philippines, po-Sines Portugal, ru-Russia, rw-Rwanda, sa-Sao Tome e Principe, se-Seychelles, si-Singapore, so-Slovakia, sp-Spain, sw-Sweden, ta-Taiwan, th-Thailand, tj-Tajikistan, tu-Turkey, va-Santa Maria Vatican, uk-United Kingdom, uz-Uzbekistan, wb-WBCQ USA, wr-WRMI USA, wy-WYFR USA, za-South Africa

Who is the webmaster?

Hello, I'm Daniel Sampson. I have been a shortwave listener for over twenty years. For a few years I was on the staff of SPEEDX "Society to Preserved the Engrossed Enjoyment of DXing" 1983-1994 where I was first editor of the European loggings section and later editor of "What's On" which was a English shortwave schedules column.  This website is the new and improved version of "What's On." I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy bringing it to you. Starting with the April 1999 issue I became editor for the Prime Time SW column of the Canadian International DX Club Messenger and starting July 2004 I became a Frequency Monitor for Monitoring Times. The receivers I presently use are the Sony ICF-2010, Yaesu FRG-7700 and Kenwood R-1000. Some of my earliest memories of shortwave listening include tuning in to get the results of the 1978 World Cup soccer championships. How long I'd been listening to shortwave prior to that I not entirely sure. I also recall the day after a long wait that I received my QSL card from Radio Uganda for reception back in 1979. Also I can not forget the ANARC Conventions I attended in Thunder Bay, Ontario, in 1981 and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1985. I attended the Madison (WI) DX Get-together in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006. It's wonderful to meet fellow listeners who share this wonderful hobby.

I live in the small town of Arcadia, Wisconsin, population 2,925, located in scenic Trempealeau County. Other interest of mine include bicycling, railfanning, bird watching, Star Trek, stargazing, classical music, ballet and cultural events.  I also sing in the senior choir, handbell ringer and am webmaster for Christ Lutheran Church in Arcadia.

Mission statement

This website was created on November 21, 1998. The purpose of this website is to provide a convenient listing of English shortwave broadcast. Shortwave radio is wonderful and powerful tool to learn about other cultures and to learn about the viewpoints of people around the world in this small world of ours.


Sources for the schedules include NASWA, CIDX, ODXA, Monitoring Times, World Radio TV Handbook, Passport to World Band Radio, station contact & websites,, ILG Radio, Review of International Broadcasting, Glenn Hauser's World of Radio, DX Party Line, Media Network, R. Bulgaria DX program and personal monitoring. Thanks to Tim Noonan for invaluable assistance in getting this website up and running. Thanks to Craig Braun for his help in automating the procedure in creating the ASCII text files.

Thanks to contributions from Mickey Delmage, David Crystal, Nino Giuliano, John Dziewisz, Sheryl Paszkiewicz, Richard Lemke, Thomas Sundstrom, Daniel Rosenzweig, Ed Mayberry, John Gomer, Mark Humenyk, George Sherman, John Birkett, David Elliott, Edward Jones, Rod Buchanan, Jon Cverna, Jon Standingbear, Bill McMillan, Robert Wieland, Martin Schoech, Robin Miyaga, Michael McCarty, Petro Giannakopoulos, Bryan Leinwebber, Paul, Michael Joy,  Robert Montgomery, David Forrai, Jim, Juan Salinas, Mike Maghakian, Stewart Hughes, Gilles Letourneau, Greg Lyon, Robert Wieland, Gayle Van Horn, Mark Fine, Roberto Scaglione, Jose Jacob, David Smith, Craig Braun, Ian Morrison, Michael Reeves, Richard Cuff, James DeMaio, Jr., Ian Morrison, Ted Schuerzinger, Tom Davis, Geoffrey Rose, Juan Salinas, D.Prabakaran, Brian Scott, Dave Gauvin, Steve Adams, Bill Dvorak, Alokesh Gupta, Richard Cuff, Derek Warriner, Mark Coady, Don Brison, Ronnie Sanders, Daniel Wylie, Silvain Domen, Ernest Riley, Enrico Oliva, Scott Mann, Daryl Rocker, Tarek Zeidan, Tom Davis, Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich, John Norfolk, Silvain Domen, Zacher James, Michael Bolton, Herman van Elburg, Dorothy Oliva, Jeff Spidle, Joe Ciarrocca, Alan Johnson, Robert Yowell, Steven White, Alan Johnson, John Lever, Ronnie Sanders, Frank Halaburak, Eric Huber, Tony Currie, Lee Parshook, Will Martin, Eric Bryan, M Peraaho, Alex Balagur, Tim Marecki, Russell Lay, Brett Neeley, Philip van de Paverd, Ulis Fleming, Ted Schuerzinger, Mark Kipperman, Gary W Thorburn, Clyde Benson, Ricky Hager, Dean Bonanno, Eric Parker, Ted Holman, Madridkid, MD. Azizul Alam Al-Amin. Raja Raja, Clark Button, Frank Halaburak, Harvey Bell, Ricky Leong, Tony G7TXU, Bill Bergadano, Enrico Oliva, Victor J. Latavish, Rick Supka, Ashley VK3HAG, Tony, Alan G4ZFQ, Tarek Zeidan, Clyde Benson, Bred Pollack, Mark Kipperman, Leo Dennzinger, Jacques, T.C. Patterson, DX Mix News, Richard Weil, Bucky Hydal, Ivan Penev, Bruce Havourd, Pete Johnson, James Olson.

Schedule information is always appreciated from viewers of this site.

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