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North American Radio clubs

North American ShortWave Association North America's oldest shortwave only radio club. Publication: The NASWA Journal.
Miami Valley DX Club All wave DX club. Publication: DX World.
Minnesota DX Club All wave DX club with membership limited to Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Monthly meetings in Minneapolis, MN. Publication: MDXC Newsletter.
Pacific Northwest, British Columbia DX Club All wave DX club for enthusiasts in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. Publication: PNBCDXC Newsletter.
Southern California DXers All wave DX club with membership limited to southern California. Monthly meetings in southern California.
Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts All bands radio club with local meetings in southern Michigan, newsletter, shortwave schedules, Publication: The Great Lakes Monitor.
Chicago Area DX Club Meetings in Chicago, AM/FM/TV/MW/Utility DXing, QSLs, loggings, E-mail Publication: DX Chicago.
Mohawk Valley SWL Club DX Camp in Adirondack Mountains, New York, articles and reports, Mexican SWL Conference report, links.
Canadian International DX Club Canada's national general coverage radio club. Electronic Publication: Messenger. For a more detailed description on this club see the International Broadcaster page.
Ontario DX Association club for radio listeners with useful listing of DX/Media programs and target listing. Publication: Listening In.

Shortwave radio hobbyists site, Glenn Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report
DX World this website covers all aspects of radio, SPEEDX, ham radio, utility news, daily logbook, interactive pages, lots of links
Glenn Hauser's World of Radio current website | World of Radio prior website latest World of Radio broadcast schedule, DX Listening Digest. This is also a DXLD Yahoo Group
Hallicrafters Collectors Int'l Website for fans of the vintage Hallicrafters receiver and others as well, vintage radio DX award, amateur radio net, swl column, swl certificate. Interval signals and IDs of external and internal stations, both current and vintage, useful for identifying stations.
QSL Card Museum Large collection of QSL cards and letters from around the world.
Worldwide DX Club DX Club in Germany with Top DX News, HFCC frequency list, SWL/DX media program listing in German and English.
Radioenthusiast website to help radio listeners of every interest get the most out of monitoring, information and reviews on radio-related resource: books, web sites, equipment, discussion forums.
BCLNEWS.IT International broadcaster schedules, report forms in various languages, utility frequency info, loggings, Italian broadcasting info in Italian. DX news, archives, e-mail list with archive. Latin American DXing from Nordic DX, e-mail addresses from the Internet Guide to International Broadcasters.
Patepluma Radio Don Moore's website with reports on visits to Latin American stations, photos, maps for DXers.
Young Stars Radio Club A club of shortwave listeners in India, information on shortwave related websites and websites with info on India.
DX Dharma Mike Brooker's DX page, QSL images, radio links, information on India.
Shortwave Radio Guide Authorized Boots shortwave radio guide and links to shortwave radios for purchase
SWL e-mail list This list covers broadcast Schedules, Latest Heard Reports, Pirate Stations, Utility (Fax, RTTY) Stations, SWL Equipment, Broadcasters, and Anything Else SWL Related. Go to and select the SWL list.
World Radio Network 24 hour newscast audio feeds from 25 international and public broadcasters.
FTBasic Radio control CAT control program for the Yaesu FT-897, FT-847, FT-817, FT-100, FT-1000MP Mark V, VR-5000 and FRG-100. The data comes from Prime Time Shortwave.
DRM Information on DRM digital broadcasting.

Schedule & program information

Shortwave Programs e-mail list This list is designed as a forum for the discussion & exchange of info on programs available via shortwave radio and internet audio. Send a blank e-mail to the link above or alternately go to swprogram page
Eibi Comprehensive shortwave schedule listing multiple languages.
Amateur Radio and SWL Resource Center Sign up for propagation alerts and amateur radio resources.
ADDX English shortwave broadcasts to Europe Useful listing of English shortwave broadcasts to Europe from the ADDX in Germany. Click on the Horfahrplane link and select English.
HFCC High Frequency Co-ordination Conference. Co-ordination of shortwave frequency use.
FCC news releases, U.S. private broadcaster schedules.
World Radio TV Handbook Directory of international broadcasting, WRTH and The Shortwave Guide.


Tim Noonan's Radio/DX information from Wisconsin good site for the AM, FM & TV information from Wisconsin & surrounding states for the changing radio scene.
DX midAMerica! AM, FM and TV DXing site from Wisconsin
Wisconsin Broadcast page information on AM, FM & TV stations in IL, IA, MI, MN and WI
Upper Midwest Broadcasting A very good information source for broadcasting in the Midwest with state resources and news source information

Other radio services

The Listening Post Original Web-controlled shortwave radio located in Virginia, links to other web-controlled radios around the world website dedicated to clandestine radio
Radio Reference frequency assignments, trunked radio system information, frequencies, and talkgroups, FCC License assignments and maps, 10-Code Lists, agency maps, files, downloads, links, and detailed agency information for most public safety, military, and local government activities
Strong Signals useful website for scanner enthusiasts with news, information, resources to make an informed receiver or accessories purchase.

Radio suppliers and magazines

CQ Plus Popular Communications magazine
Universal Radio A good place to buy shortwave radios, books and accessories, Shortwave Receivers Past & Present
The Shortwave Store shortwave radio and electronic products supplier
Radio H.F. shortwave radio, scanners, amateur radio, FRS (family radio), CB radio, antennas, accessories and publications, located in St. Lambert, Quebec


The History of Telecommunication The history of telecommunication and the never ending push for progress in telecommunications
DXtreme Software Windows based logging software.
Black Cat Systems A number of useful radio related programs for the Macintosh computer, numbers stations and pirate radio
DX Zone Ham radio, CB radio, SWL and BCL internet guide.
Radio Portal Portal site with search engine especially for amateur radio, DXing, SWLing, Clandestines, Pirate, Satellite, Scanner.
Radio resources directory of radio related websites and discussion groups.
Become a storm spotter from home into about skywarm, identifying storm features, safety tips.
Radio H.F. Internet Newsletter on-line newsletter providing useful information on websites, mostly radio but others too
Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide HAM, DX & SWL topics, many links, useful informational site
Radio Heritage Foundation Sharing the stories of Pacific radio. This website preserves and celebrates radio stations from the Pacific Rim.
Geoclock shareware program showing where it's day and night, time around the world, useful for grey line DXing
Time Palette World time software for the Macintosh computer.

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